Nance Newman

  • Stone Cold Secrets by Nance Newman $9.99
    September 12, 2024

Nance Newman lives in upstate New York with her two rescue dogs—Ela and Misty. Ela was a rescue from the Puerto Rican hurricane and couldn’t bark a list on English when Nance took her home. After she figured that out, she taught Ela English and Ela taught her some Spanish. Misty is rescue from a puppy mill and after seven years in a crate, she is experiencing everything life has to offer. She loves her sister Ela and has become her mirror. They are the truest of companions.

Nance recently retired—from work, but not from writing because it’s one of the things she loves most to do. She’s had wonderful employment opportunities, from teaching physical education to being a researcher at Eastman Kodak in the Motion Picture Film Department that increased her love for movies and storytelling. She was on a team that won an Oscar for the development of a new intermediate film for movie making.

Nance has been writing stories since college, as well as music (she sings and plays guitar). She loves a good movie, especially if it’s fantasy or science fiction. She also loves to walk, bike, hike, garden, travel and to learn. Most of all, she loves to write and is excited to be able to devote more time to these passions.

She’d love for you to check her out at her website—nancenewman.com