Sheryn Munir

  • A Period of unCertainty by Sheryn Munir $9.99

Sheryn Munir is a big fan of romances. After reading countless lesbian romance novels based in the West, she craved a lesfic set in her home in India. Realizing that she’d have to wait forever for that wish to come true, she decided to have a crack at writing some herself. A Period of unCertainty is her second novel.

Though she has been writing since the age of seven, Sheryn was only recently inspired to write an entire book in a genre close to her heart that is about her own people. When she’s not cooking up fictional romances, she is a writer, editor and web developer.

She likes visiting new places, though the journeys are a tad unpleasant. She has a weakness for chocolates, Indian street foods and British television dramas. She lives in Delhi, with three laptops and an e-reader.