Duncan A.L.

  • Annie on a Bun by A.L. Duncan $9.99

A.L. Duncan is an American writer whose debut novel was nominated for a GCLS award for Historical Romance in 2015. Yes, she still writes longhand. She hails from a family of storytellers. She finds it is a pleasure to share her imagination with the world as she delves deeper into this thing called life, as long as she can wear her frumpy brown sweater and sip on a tea. Everything is made better with a cup of tea.

She writes about extraordinary women loving other extraordinary women. Because, let’s face it, every woman is extraordinary.

A.L. Duncan has lived and joyfully traveled to many places on this diverse planet that continue to encourage many stories vying for her attention. She currently resides in Cincinnati with her partner, celebrating over fifteen years together. Her previous books (before 2017) are now out of print, but still widely available across the web.