Greenman, Angela

  • The Child Riddler by Angela Greenman $9.99

Growing up in Chicago, Angela was surrounded by diversity and culture. She enjoyed going to neighborhood ethnic festivals where her senses were immersed in savory flavors, colorful outfits and vibrant music. Even more potent were the massive downtown blues and jazz fests and the Taste of Chicago. At these annual downtown events, hundreds of thousands of people of all races, religion and cultures came together to dance, eat and laugh. Her Chicago world with its powerful kaleidoscope of sights, sounds and smells, shaped Angela into a passionate believer that it is in our differences that we find life’s richness. Also a passionate women’s advocate, she worked for the City’s civil rights department, championing gender equity and a bias-free City.

Moving from Chicago to the Northwoods of Minnesota, Angela discovered a love of the outdoors and took up the sport of archery. Always one to accept a challenge, she became a competitive archer, winning several trophies. But her greatest prize was the mental skills strengthened by the sport: focus and discipline. While Angela gave up archery for her career in international nuclear communications, she finds she continues to draw on those internal strengths.

After traveling to twenty-one countries, Angela decided it was time to seriously pursue her love of writing. She wants to share the exciting places she has visited, and the richness of the cultures she has experienced. But mostly, she hopes her writing will bring to life the marvelous textures and vividness that makes us who we are.