Blayne Cooper

  • Blind Side of the Moon by Blayne Cooper $9.99
  • A Dark Horse by Blayne Cooper $9.99
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  • Stranded by Blayne Cooper $9.99
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Blayne Cooper is the author or co-author of a variety of fiction ranging from mystery/romance to erotica to outrageous parody. While she enjoys the challenge of working in multiple genres, it’s writing about the humor found in everyday life that gives her the most pleasure. The University of Oklahoma College of Law grad loves travel, reading, and spending long, sleepless nights crouched over her computer in search of the perfect words that will make people laugh or weep uncontrollably. She’s still looking, but having a great time on the journey.

GCLS Goldie Awards

Stranded, Winner, Lesbian Romance.
Unbreakable, Winner, Lesbian Erotica.
Hard Times, Finalist, Lesbian Dramatic Fiction.