D Jordan Redhawk

  • Chained Destinies by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • Alaskan Bride by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • $9.99
  • Broken Trails by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • Darkstone by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • Freya's Tears by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • $9.99
  • Lady Dragon by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • Lichii Ba'Cho by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • Orphan Maker by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • Pixie by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • The Strange Path by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99
  • Tiopa Ki Lakota by D Jordan Redhawk $9.99


Known to many readers as the author of the beloved and enduring Xenaverse fan fiction Tiopa Ki Lakota, D Jordan Redhawk was born in California, and raised in the wilds of Idaho, from Lewiston to Boise and all points between. After three years in Alabama, Western Germany, and Georgia (courtesy of the United States Army Military Police Corp), she settled in Portland, Oregon. She makes her living in the hospitality industry and shares her life with her wife of twenty-eight years, and two furkids of the feline variety.

GCLS Goldie Awards
Alaskan Bride, Finalist, Historical Fiction.
Darkstone, Finalist, Science Fiction/Fantasy.
Lady Dragon, Winner, Science Fiction/Fantasy.
Lichii Ba ‘Cho, Finalist, Lesbian Science Fiction/Fantasy.
Orphan Maker, Winner, Lesbian Young Adult.
Broken Trails, Finalist, Lesbian Contemporary Romance.
Beloved Lady Mistress: Book 2 of the Sanguire, Finalist, Speculative Fiction.

Lambda Literary Awards
Broken Trails, Finalist, Lesbian Romance.

Alice B. Readers Appreciation Committee
D Jordan Redhawk: Medalist for body of work, 2015.