EJ Noyes

  • Ask Me Again by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • Pas de deux by E. J. Noyes $17.95
    May 15, 2021
  • Alone by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • Ask, Tell by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • Gold by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • If the Shoe Fits by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • Reaping the Benefits by E. J. Noyes $9.99
  • Turbulence by E. J. Noyes $9.99

E. J. Noyes lives in Australia with her wife, a needy cat, aloof chickens and too many horses. When not indulging in her love of reading and writing, E. J. argues with her hair and pretends to be good at things.

GCLS Goldie Awards

Gold, Winner, Contemporary Romance: Long Novels.
Ask Me Again, Winner, Romantic Blend.
Ask, Tell
, Finalist, Contemporary Romance: Mid-Length Novels.
If the Shoe Fits, Winner, Contemporary Romance: Long Novels.
Alone, Winner, Romantic Blend and Tee Corinne Award for Outstanding Cover Art.