Genevieve Fortin

  • Dingo's Recovery by Genevieve Fortin $9.99
  • First Fall by Genevieve Fortin $9.99
  • Rising Above by Genevieve Fortin $9.99
  • Two Kinds of Elizabeth by Geneieve Fortin $9.99
  • Water's Edge by Genevieve Fortin $9.99


Genevieve was born in Rimouski, a small town in the French Canadian province of Quebec, Canada. After getting her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montreal, she moved to the United States for her graduate studies in French literature. She stayed to work and spent a total of thirteen years in the United States, from Cape Girardeau, Missouri to Albany, New York. During that time she started and abandoned several novels until she started reading lesbian fiction. She found more than inspiration in the work of women like Geri Hill and Karin Kallmaker; she found direction.

Genevieve eventually went back home to Canada where she now enjoys writing, spending time with friends and family, and hiking with her dog Spike.