Sherry, Jac

  • The Seductress Trap by Jac Sherry $9.99

Jac Sherry lives and works in Madison, Wisconsin where she shares a home with a lovely woman whom she inexplicably charmed into marrying her some years ago. Inexplicable, at least, to anybody who knows Jac. People who know Jac would be surprised she charmed anything from anyone, much less a proposal acceptance from such a lovely woman. Their marriage probably speaks more to the ability of Jac’s wife to see past a person’s external flaws, rather than any success by Jac to conjure some charm.

Jac likes to observe human behaviors and motivations. She studies these with bewildered fascination. But because Jac is also an introvert and avoids people when she can, Jac likes to create characters in her head and put them in imaginary scenarios to see what they do. She has done this since she was a child. This may be where her love of storytelling began. 

Jac explored writing in the 1990’s when she posted some stories to fanfiction sites. She even won multiple awards from the Wisconsin Screenwriters Forum at the time. Then life got in the way with a career, a house and family. Twenty-five years later life has begun moving out of the way and Jac can write again.

Supercharged by the isolation of the pandemic lockdown, Jac was able to write her first novel, The Seductress Trap, in about five months. She now has a pile of other stories she wants to write and is hoping to publish more soon. 

When not writing Jac has other artistic pursuits including painting, singing and playing the ukulele. At her job she spends her days buried in numbers, spreadsheets, and databases where she feels perfectly comfortable. Any additional time Jac can find she spends with her wife, with whom Jac is still giddy in love despite the passing years. 

GCLS Goldie Awards

The Seductress Trap, Finalist, Contemporary Romance: Short Novels and Debut Novel.