RJ Layer

  • Whispers in the Stacks $9.99
  • Dreams Unspoken by RJ Layer $9.99
  • Find Another You by RJ Layer $9.99
  • Happily Ever After $9.99
  • In This Together by Bella Books $9.99
  • Judge Me Not by RJ Layer $9.99
  • Real Story by RJ Layer $9.99
  • Trim My Tree by RJ Layer $0.99

RJ Layer resides in the “Heart” of the Midwest with her partner and new wife, of over thirty years, and their two feline rescues. She is a certified romance nut, and loves writing lesbian romance. In addition to traveling to new places, RJ can be found relaxing in the rolling hills on the water. Their hideaway is the perfect place for dreaming up engaging characters and moving stories. She’s also quite passionate about photography and reading every free minute she can find.