RL Burgess

  • Counting on Love by RL Burgess $9.99
  • Hashtag Love by RL Burgess $9.99
  • Match Point by RL Burgess $9.99

At the age of 22, RL’s friend shouted her to a visit with Rainbow Psychic. Rainbow held RL’s hand across a worn Formica table and told her she would be a writer, describing the life she would have, sitting on her porch with a fat Labrador and a swing seat. A musician at the time, RL felt vaguely disappointed, shrugging off Rainbow’s vision to pursue her dreams of touring the world in a band. Fourteen years later, her world touring accomplished, RL found herself pacing her house in the evenings while her beloved five year old son slept, wondering what to do with herself. Her partner suggested she write. And the rest is history.

NB: Whilst they do not yet have a Labrador or a swing seat, they all live happily in Melbourne, Australia with a perfectly functioning porch and two happy cats.