“Evocative and poignant”, “A Great Rom-Com”, “Everything I hoped it would be” the reviews of #BellaBooks are in and they sure warming us up!

Bella Books

Reviews of Bella Books are in—and they are glowing! From romances to mysteries, to young adult, our books are making reviewers so happy we can’t help but say “Stop you are making us blush” But don’t take our word for it, read on to hear directly from them…

Some of our reviews

Despite Chaos by Stacy Lynn Miller is causing early buzz. Della Baczyk over at NetGalley writes: “I must mention the ending is the best that I have read in a long, long time. I will be counting the days until the second book in this series is released.”
“Also at NetGalley, Librarian Raminta Moore says: “This will be a great beach read. Can’t wait for the next title in what is bound to be an exciting series.” And Diane Wallace at Netgalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “So many favorite parts that I cannot mention them all — it will be a spoiler to my review and give away how good this story turned out to be.” Librarian Colleen Corgel over at NetGalley says: “Stacy Lynn Miller has a great ability to write messy, complicated people that are easy to like. With this first book in the “Falling Castles” series, she does it again with Alexandra Castle and Tyler Falling.”

Also causing all kinds of buzz is Carolyn Elizabeth’s pirate adventure The Raven and the Banshee. Andi Kent over at NetGalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “Everything I hoped it would be… swashbuckling revenge tale with a second-chance romance to die for!! Amazing. Loved it.” Also on Netgalley Della Baczyk also gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “Elizabeth is an exciting storyteller and does not disappoint in hopefully the first book of a series.” And Betty Harmon over at Rainbow Reflections raves: “This book is now firmly in my favorites and has my highest recommendation. If you love adventure and romance, then set your sails and chart your course for the nearest bookstore, Matey. You don’t want to miss this treasure of a tale!” Carol Coleman over at NetGalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and gushes: “I found that Ms. Elizabeth is brilliant in bringing the reader in like they are actually there, both in this book and her earlier work The Other Side of Forestlands Lake. And like that other book, in this book we also get a variety of sub-characters that are fun to read about and they fill out the story of Julia and Branna. so complimentary. A great read that I would recommend to anyone and say ‘grab some rum for an exciting voyage’.”

Debut author Jac Sherry is getting some early love on her debut Rom-Com, The Seductress Trap. HM a reviewer at NetGalley says: “Highly recommended.” Ily Renfroe also at Netgalley gives is a 5 out of 5 and says: “A great rom-com, The Seductress Trap was so much fun to read. I highly recommend this”

Meanwhile The Papercutter by Cindy Rizzo is still getting applauds. Jasmine G over at Netgalley says: “. This book will appeal to all ages, sucking you in with beautiful writing and fascinating characters.”

And Hashtag Love by RL Burgess also got some love from Natalie Tierney at NetGalley who said: “I really enjoyed this book. It’s a quiet, seemingly easy read but there are elements of angst with the romance that kept me engaged…I’m looking forward to reading more from R.L. Burgess, as I really enjoyed her style of writing.”

Our audio books continue to get all kinds of listening love. The audio book version of Go Around by E. J. Noyes impress. LezReviewBooks gushes: “Abby Craden’s performance pushed this story to a superlative level.”

The audio book version of Zero Chill by Carolyn Elizabeth gets raves from LezReviewBooks: “As in books one and two, the audio version is narrated by Lori Prince who does an outstanding job…Overall, another very entertaining installment in the Curtis and Reynolds series. 5 stars.”

We’ll be back with more reviews soon!