Historical Fiction

Water's Edge - eBook
Water's Edge

Genevieve Fortin
Sniper's Kiss, The - eBook
The Sniper's Kiss

Justine Saracen
Over There - eBook
Over There

Rachel Windsor
Alaskan Bride - eBook
Alaskan Bride

D Jordan Redhawk
All Bets Off - eBook
All Bets Off

Jaime Clevenger
Ban Talah - eBook
Ban Talah

A.L. Duncan
Bee Charmer, The - eBook
The Bee Charmer

Ali Spooner
Branded Ann - eBook
Branded Ann

Merry Shannon
Break Point - eBook
Break Point

Yolanda Wallace
Charity - eBook

Paulette Callen
Crown of Valencia, The - eBook
The Crown of Valencia

Catherine Friend
Daughter of Mystery - eBook
Daughter of Mystery

Heather Rose Jones
Diplomat, The - eBook
The Diplomat

Sophia French
Dynasty of Rogues - eBook
Dynasty of Rogues

Jane Fletcher
Fervent Charity - eBook
Fervent Charity

Paulette Callen
First Tango in Paris - eBook
First Tango in Paris

Shelley Thrasher
Fragile Wings - eBook
Fragile Wings

Rebecca S. Buck
Grass Widow, The - eBook
The Grass Widow

Nanci Little
Grassy Flats - eBook
Grassy Flats

Penny Hayes
Golddigger - eBook

Hilary McCollum
Homestead - eBook
Homestead (Spinsters Ink)

Sheila Ortiz-Taylor
House of Clouds - eBook
House of Clouds

KI Thompson
Lily of the Tower - eBook
Lily of the Tower

Elizabeth Hart
Long Trail, The - eBook
The Long Trail

Penny Hayes
Midnight Melodies - eBook
Midnight Melodies

Megan Carter
Miserere - eBook

Caren J. Werlinger
Mystic Marriage, The - eBook
The Mystic Marriage

Heather Rose Jones
Once Upon a Time - eBook
Once Upon a Time

Alane Hotchkin
Palace Blues, The - eBook
The Palace Blues

Brandy T. Wilson
Pirate's Heart, A - eBook
A Pirate's Heart

Catherine Friend
Quimbaya - eBook

Dianne C. Stewart
Rangers at Roadsend - eBook
Rangers at Roadsend

Jane Fletcher
Sarah, Son of God - eBook
Sarah, Son of God

Justine Saracen
Scythian Fields - eBook
Scythian Fields

A.L. Duncan
Season of the Cold Moon - eBook
Season of the Cold Moon

Dianne C. Stewart

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