“Great Debut”, “A fantastic story”, “Masterful” the reviews of #BellaBooks are in and they sure have us giddy!

The reviews are in

Reviews of Bella Books are in—and they are glowing! From our romances to mysteries, to adventures our books are making reviewers so happy we can’t help but say “Stop you are making us blush” But don’t take our word for it, read on to hear directly from them…

Some of our reviews

Catherine Maiorisi’s fourth Chiara Corelli mystery Legacy in the Blood is getting some early buzz. Della Baczyk over at NetGalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “Legacy in the Blood is a masterful and complex mystery which never lets the reader breathe easy.” While Meike Zande, van der over at Netgalley says: “This is one of my favorite crime investigation series and I’m so happy to see that it keeps going strong. Each book in this series has a complex and intriguing plot, which makes them more than interesting in their own right, but what also makes this series a delight to read are the main characters, Detectives P.J. Parker and Chiara Corelli.”

Two of our debut romances are also getting all kinds of tremendous buzz.

Beyond the Blue a debut romance by TJ O’Shea is getting raves. Celine Hope at Netgalley says: “All in all, the book was tremendously heart touching. The connection between the characters was written to perfection. What i loved the most was how honest-to-life their flaws were also written. Damn work of art. Reviewer Michele R at Netgalley says: “What a beautiful, heartwarming, heart wrenching debut romance from TJ O’Shea. If I had not known this was a debut novel I would have assumed that it was penned by a more experienced writer.” D Booker at Netgalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and adds: “Oh my goodness! What a sweet amazing read this book was!” And Della Baczyk at Netgalley says: “For a debut novel, O’Shea has delivered an extraordinary story filled with humour and witty banter overlaying dark psychological trauma and loss. We are casually handed bits and pieces of Morgan’s past. The subtlety O’Shea employs to drop her plot line bombs is pure genius.” And finally Laura Green at Netgalley says: “There have been so many wonderful debut novels released lately in the lesfic community. I am going to add TJ O’Shea to the list of impressive debut authors who we can expect great things from in the future. I highly recommend giving this book and this new author a read.” Diane Wallace at Netgalley gushes: “‘BEYOND THE BLUE’ is definitely a brilliant, alluring and well written story.

Radiant a debut romance by Judy Sapphire gets love from Abbott Ford over at Netgalley: “This book has writing that is excellent, pacing that makes reading deep into the night a delight, and a storyline that is unique.” And librarian Margaret Trupino at Netgalley gushes: “Oh, this book was fun!…I honestly was up far too late reading this book, but it was worth it.”

Despite Chaos by Stacy Lynn Miller continues to grab readers. Emma Smith over at NetGalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “I honestly do not know what to say! Fantastic story. Everything I’ve read by Stacy Lynn Miller has been entertaining, engaging and gripping. Despite chaos is yet another amazing story, it’s a must book to own in 2022.”

Also continuing to cause all kinds of buzz is Carolyn Elizabeth’s pirate adventure The Raven and the Banshee. Nico D’Archangel over at NetGalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “First rate lesbian pirate story.” Also on Netgalley librarian Colleen Corgel says: “Fans of Carolyn Elizabeth will have a blast with this one, and newcomers will have a blast with this mostly serious, but fun swashbuckler.”

And E.J. Noyes continues to get raves for Go Around. Deb M. at Netgalley gives it a 5 out of 5 and says: “E. J. Noyes never disappoints. Period. She is an amazing storyteller and her stories are always top shelf. Why? Because she understands the power of a story. She knows how to creatively and effectively use her words to evoke joy, surprise and fear on the page, and she does it with such finesse, readers cannot turn away. The emotions drive her storytelling, leaving her readers engaged every step of the way.”

We’ll be back with more reviews soon!