Picking Up The Pace - Paperback

Picking Up The Pace

Who would have thought a 25-year-old budding journalist could stumble across a story worth dying for in quiet Fort Worth, Texas? Angie Mitchell certainly doesn't and neither do her bosses. While following an investigative lead for the Tribune, she heads into the seediest part of the city to discover why homeless people are showing up dead with no suspects for the police to chase.

Her reporting yields a front-page story and a bloody lip—going undercover is not exactly encouraged of rookie writers. But she is quickly thrust into a world of breaking news and police politics, hate mail, and death threats. Angie can only hope that her reporting will aid police in putting dangerous men behind bars before they harm those she's trying to help.

And while her professional life has just taken a turn for the intense, her personal life is flipped inside out when she meets a woman so intriguing she can't stop thinking about her. Angie's initial alarm quickly morphs into fascination and longing. Having never dated women, the reporter doesn't know how to handle her feelings, and it becomes increasingly difficult to dodge questions and avoid issues.
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Price: $15.50

Genre Romance, Mystery
Publisher Intaglio Publications
ISBN 9781933113418

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