Preying on Generosity - Paperback

Preying on Generosity

Investigative reporter Angie Mitchell has a reputation for finding dangerous stories. Only a week back on the job from her last ill-fated fiasco, she's called on to cover a bizarre homicide in a quiet Fort Worth neighborhood, not knowing that her investigation will put her on the tail of a serial killer with an appetite for the media spotlight.

But her lover, Lauren Lucelli, hasn't forgotten the last time Angie began digging at a dangerous story and nearly died. Tension mounts between the two with each fresh murder, Angie doggedly determined to help a new homicide detective track down a dangerous killer, Lauren desperate to keep her lover out of harms way. Angie will learn a lesson she'll never forget in this sequel to Picking Up The Pace.
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Price: $16.95

Genre Romance, Mystery
Publisher Intaglio Publications
ISBN 9781933113791

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