New Releases

No More Pretending - eBook
No More Pretending

Bette Hawkins
Skin in the Game - eBook
Skin in the Game

Melissa Price
In Her Eyes - eBook
In Her Eyes

Renée J. Lukas
Body Guard - eBook
Body Guard

Claire McNab
Heart Stop - eBook
Heart Stop

Canvas for Love - eBook
Canvas for Love

Charlotte Greene
Spark - eBook

Catherine Friend
Repercussions - eBook

Jessica L. Webb
Taking Sides - eBook
Taking Sides

Kathleen Knowles
Snowbird Season - eBook
Snowbird Season

BJ Phillips
Organization, The - eBook
The Organization

Annette Mori and Erin O'Reilly
Eating Life - eBook
Eating Life

Beth Burnett
Fresh Start - eBook
Fresh Start

Nita Round
Dragon Witch Tales, The - eBook
The Dragon Witch Tales

Shannon M. Harris
Taken In - eBook
Taken In

Erica Abbott
Water's Edge - eBook
Water's Edge

Genevieve Fortin
Five Moons Rising - eBook
Five Moons Rising

Lise MacTague
Dead Certain - eBook
Dead Certain

Claire McNab
Complications - eBook

MJ Williamz
Pursuit - eBook

Jackie D
Unlikely Match - eBook
Unlikely Match

Fiona Riley
Practitioner, The - eBook
The Practitioner

Ronica Black
Shameless - eBook

Kris Bryant
Nick of Time - eBook
Nick of Time

Where Love Leads - eBook
Where Love Leads

Erin McKenzie
Fame - eBook

Susan X Meagher
More Than a Song - eBook
More Than a Song

Chris Paynter
Speakeasy, Speak Love - eBook
Speakeasy, Speak Love

Sharon G. Clark
Light of Day, The - eBook
The Light of Day

Lynne Norris
French Way, The - eBook
The French Way

Mary Wright
Fire Dancer - eBook
Fire Dancer

Micheala Lynn