New Releases

Time to Speak, A  - eBook
A Time to Speak

Riley Scott
Illegal Contact - eBook
Illegal Contact

Becky Harmon
Fugitive's Kiss, A - eBook
A Fugitive's Kiss

Jaime Clevenger
Chain Letter - eBook
Chain Letter

Claire McNab
Take Me There - eBook
Take Me There

Julie Cannon
Summer Fling - eBook
Summer Fling

Jean Copeland
Fury's Choice - eBook
Fury's Choice

Brey Willows
Walking Through Shadows - eBook
Walking Through Shadows

Sheri Lewis Wohl
Lightning Chasers - eBook
Lightning Chasers

Cass Sellars
Visiting Hours - eBook
Visiting Hours

Tagan Shepard
Echo Point - eBook
Echo Point

Virginia Hale
Fire Dancer - eBook
Fire Dancer

Micheala Lynn
Pixie - eBook

D Jordan Redhawk
Double Bluff - eBook
Double Bluff

Claire McNab
Inner Circle - eBook
Inner Circle

Claire McNab
Sidebar - eBook

Carsen Taite
True Colors - eBook
True Colors

Yolanda Wallace
Getting Serious - eBook
Getting Serious

Rachel Spangler
Freedom to Love - eBook
Freedom to Love

Ronica Black
Lamentation of Swans, A - eBook
A Lamentation of Swans

Valerie Bronwen
Unexpected - eBook

Jenny Frame
Scholarship, The - eBook
The Scholarship

Jaime Maddox
To Be Determined - eBook
To Be Determined

Mardi Alexander and Laurie Eichler
House of Fate - eBook
House of Fate

Barbara Ann Wright
Lauren's Manifesto - eBook
Lauren's Manifesto

Carole Avalon
Bee Charmer, The - eBook
The Bee Charmer

Ali Spooner

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