New releases for February are fresh starts, healing hearts

new releases February

New releases for February are in and they’re all about fresh starts and healing hearts! From a federal agent going undercover in a new town to a broken-hearted woman grieving the loss of her partner after moving back to her hometown, these stories feature the kind of narratives that show how resilient and powerful queer women can be.

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Breaking Out by Lise MacTague

KJ has a laser-like focus on winning the hockey league championship. But when her defense partner gets pregnant, she has to break in a new partner, a major deviation from her plan. Her new partner Adrienne is in the midst of her own major life changing, having moved to town to give her son and herself some stability. The women’s recreational hockey team is just icing on the cake. After a rocky start, KJ and Adrienne cannot deny their mutual attraction. But how can Adrienne start thinking about someone new when she has her own family to worry about?

Author Lise MacTague wrote a beautiful reflection on the importance of queer narratives beyond coming out in advance of her new release Breaking Out. Don’t miss it!

Closeness by Y.L. Wigman

In New South Wales, town planner Duscha has built a life for herself away from her friends and family. Still grieving her partner, she finds herself suddenly inheriting her estranged father’s house in Canberra, her hometown. She’s grateful for the chance to reconnect with those she’s left behind, while healing and starting a new chapter. Her return throws Honor, a gardener with a hidden passion, for a loop. Duscha and Honor have to decide if they’ll stay safe in their own lives or risk it all to build a truly beautiful life of love.

For Bella Media Channel, author Y.L. Wigman discusses the role of astrology in her new release Closeness. Check out this great essay!

new release Lead Me Home

Lead Me Home by Shannon O’Brien

Rose Pruitt is exactly the person you want working at the Campus Center at Jones University. She’s friendly, warm, and someone anyone can confide in. Right at the start of a new year, Rose finds herself neck deep in mess after mess—including one involving the hot new professor on campus: Allison Chandler. After their first encounter, the two find they enjoy one another’s company and that the mutual attraction is undeniable. Can they rise above the challenges they face at work and together to embrace the love they’ve found? Only time will tell.

Author Shannon O’Brien created the “Jones University Extended Universe” to create a world where queer women thrive. Check out her insightful essay about this world and her new release Lead Me Home.

new release Lawless

Lawless by Jenna Rae

Working at a federal agency has made Kate into an expert researcher and criminal behavioral analyst. Safe in her cubicle, the work seems predictable and even mundane. When her heart is broken, though, Kate jumps at the chance to go undercover in Lawless, a remote Californian mountain town. As she works to infiltrate a small-time drug ring, possibly run by her neighbor, she wonders what the big deal is. When Lawless lives up to its name, she finds that the real crime behind the data she crunched in a cubicle is much more complicated…and more dangerous.

Don’t miss this new release from Jenna Rae—and make sure to pick up Rae’s backlist eBooks, which are all 30% off this month!