New releases for July are mysterious and thrilling

New releases for July are in and they’re mysterious and thrilling! From a body found floating in a sleepy Texas town to a P.I. in San Francisco investigating the murder of her rescuer, we’ve got the stories that will keep you up late flipping pages!

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Red Tide at Heron Bay by Gerri Hill

Lauren enjoys her quiet, orderly life on the Texas coast where she runs her grandmother’s resort. Having left behind a bad break-up three years ago, she’s kept to herself avoiding both romance and friendship. When the clubhouse of the Heron Bay Resort is vandalized, she meets a detective who changes her life. Detective Harley Shepherd ran to a small town to escape a tragedy. Now that she’s embraced the simple life, she no longer faces homicide daily, but instead catches a simple case of vandalism. A body found floating near the resort’s pier convinces Harley that there’s more to this case than she first thought. As Lauren warms to Harley and the two become friends, they find themselves facing a killer who threatens the peace of their small town.

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new release Beyond the Smoke

Beyond the Smoke by Stacy Lynn Miller

Manhattan Sloane and Finn Harper have become private investigators and are facing their first major job: San Francisco’s unsolved crimes. On day one, they step into a political chess game—and Sloan feels like a pawn. When she discovers that the police officer who rescued her from her parents’ accident was murdered, she decides to solve the case. Political games, old flames, and new secrets threaten to unravel the life Sloane has built with Finn and her daughter Reagan.

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New release Illusion Lake

Illusion Lake by Sheryl Wright

When Elliott inherits her great-uncle’s failing aircraft restoration business, she leaves her home in Toronto for New Mexico and Illusion Lake. Once she arrives, someone makes it clear they want her gone yesterday. She never planned to stay in the first place, but Illusion Lake has a draw—as does her hot lawyer. Kiva has a thriving criminal practice and is just in Illusion Lake for the winter to help her dad’s general law office. When Elliott walks into Kiva’s dad’s office, Kiva cannot deny the way she makes her feel. It’s not her job to be invested in Elliott; she’s only supposed to manage Elliott’s inheritance. She can’t help but get involved—even in the face of everyone gunning for her new client.

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