The Huntress

by Arielle Strauss Brueland

Ophelia’s been dead for several weeks, but she’s still around. Yet other students at Ohio University are dropping like flies, never to return. Surely the most haunted campus in America is home to other wraiths like herself? Ophelia is determined to find them–and to discover the truth about why she continues to dwell in the world of mortals. But faced with a mysterious clan of ghost hunters closing in, threatening to end her unlife, three meddlesome (and crotchety) divine beings determined to control her new existence, and a best friend with more than friendly feelings for the love of her life, how long will Ophelia be able to hide the truth of her death–and her destiny?

The Wraith Trilogy Book 2.



Genre Paranormal
Publication Date December 8, 2020
Publisher AUSXIP Publishing
ISBN 9780648966753e
Editor Rosa Alonso
Cover Designer Mary D. Brooks

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