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Secret of Stone Creek

by Natalie London

Jennifer Cameron arrives in Stone Creek, Wisconsin to sell her grandparents’ large Victorian home. While going through the contents of the house, she finds an old newspaper describing the discovery of a girl’s body behind the school in 1951. When Jennifer learns that the murder was never solved, she decides to investigate it as something to occupy her time. Several women in town, including the charming real estate agent, Laura; the lovely and mysterious librarian, Diana; and the murder mystery all vie for her attention.

As Jennifer becomes involved in the mystery and a budding romance, other unexplained deaths occur in Stone Creek.

In a dramatic confrontation on the night of July fourth, Jennifer’s life is in danger when the identity of the killer is revealed. Will her love interest figure out that Jennifer is in trouble before it’s too late?

Follow this suspenseful whodunit to its conclusion.



Genre Romance, Suspense
Publication Date December 1, 2016
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9780947528102e

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