Next Time

by Erin O'Reilly

What if you had the chance to make history stop repeating itself? Would you sacrifice today for a chance at a better tomorrow?

Carol is married to a great guy, loves her children, her job, and her life is just right. Or is it?

Jac is a ‘love ’em leave ’em kind of woman.’ Any conquest is a good one, and she has had plenty. Her life is just the way she wants it…or is it?

There is a moment in everyone’s life that defines their future. For Jac and Carol, that time is now.

Jump ahead twenty-five years and meet Livvy, Carol’s granddaughter. Ready for a challenge, she flees the nest and flies right into a new job and a new friendship. Bri introduces her to a “gypsy” who somehow knows things she shouldn’t. Livvy is wary of this woman. She’s got to be scamming them…right?

All of the women learn one important lesson: “If we ignore what has happened in the past, we never will recognize what is familiar about now…”

Intrigued? Read this wonderful love story that spans several lifetimes.



Genre Romance
Publication Date January 1, 2017
Publisher Affinity eBook Press
ISBN 9780947528164e
Editor CK King
Cover Designer Irish Dragon Designs

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