Kindred Spirits

by Julia Watts

Miranda Jasper is different from the other kids in the small town of Wilder, Kentucky. Like all the women in her family, she has the Sight—the ability to see into other people’s thoughts.

Though her granny assures Miranda that the Sight is a gift, it often feels like a curse—especially when Miranda’s middle-school classmates start calling her “the witch girl.”

Miranda has only one real friend her age, Abigail, who just happens to be the ghost of the girl who haunts Miranda’s family’s Victorian mansion. But then Adam moves to town and Adam, it seems, is a bit different too. United by their differences, Miranda and Adam become friends, and soon Miranda introduces an amazed Adam to her friend Abigail.

When Adam tells his two new comrades about strange, supernatural goings-on in his house, the three unlikely detectives—girl, guy, and ghost—unearth the story of a horrible crime committed in their town nearly seventy years before—a crime for which an innocent young man was punished.

Kindred Spirits is the spooky and suspenseful story of three extraordinary friends who use everything from the Internet to ESP in their quest to end their town’s legacy of injustice.



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Genre Young Adult
Length 148 pages
Publication Date January 1, 2008
Publisher Beanpole Books
ISBN 9780966735994
Editor Katherine V. Forrest
Cover Designer Kiaro Creative Ltd.


  • This series from the Lammy-awarding winning author of Finding H.F. is written particularly for younger teens. The order is Kindred Spirits, Free Spirits and Revived Spirits.

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