by Susan X Meagher

Fidelity is the sixth installment in a twenty-six book series following the lives of Jamie Evans and Ryan O’Flaherty. Jamie, Ryan, their friends, families and the times they live in are chronicled in the series, which was created for the reader who hates to have a book end just when it’s getting good.

In Fidelity, the new lovers are forced to determine if absence really does make the heart grow fonder. Jamie’s headed to Rhode Island to back-up her vow to spend more time with her mother, and Ryan’s going to Santa Cruz to prepare for the upcoming volleyball season.

A week isn’t a long time when it’s measured against a lifetime commitment, but in the “can’t breathe without you” stage of their nascent relationship they view their separation with a mixture of dread and resignation.

One person who’s very happy to have the couple separated is Jamie’s father. He takes the opportunity to make his objections to their bond more than clear—in his usual manipulative way.



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Genre Romance
Publisher Brisk Press
ISBN 9780977088577

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