Big Noise: A Jo Spence Mystery

by Jen Wright

New lovers Jo and Zoey venture into the deep woods of northern Minnesota for a vacation away from their demanding jobs, but plans for a restful and romantic winter retreat are interrupted when Jo learns that a former probation client has gone missing in the area. Jo is torn between concern for the young man’s disappearance and distress over the impact that her work is having on her relationship. Will Jo pursue every lead to find the missing Rick, or will she play it safe and try to be the lover Zoey wants her to be? In the end, she must confront her own obsessions. A killer brings everything into perspective, and Jo and Zoey learn more about each other in this terrifying encounter than any private intimacy could ever reveal.

Big Noise is the sequel to Jen Wright’s exciting debut novel Killer Storm. Don’t miss this latest release from a talented new author.





Genre Mystery
Length 190
Publication Date January 1, 2009
Publisher Clover Valley Press
ISBN 9780979488344
Cover Designer Sally Rauschenfels

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