The Lies That Bind

by Susan X Meagher

Erin Delancy, a young, callow physician, moves back to her small town in New Hampshire to take over for her mentor. She assumes that everything will be much like it was when she left for school almost 10 years ago. But subtle changes have occurred that barely reach her consciousness, given her proclivity for accepting things as they are.

A feisty attorney passes through town one winter morning and her brief visit sends off a series of changes that eventually affects not only the young doctor, but the entire town. Katie Quinn looks, at first glance, to be the antithesis of the placid doctor. Katie is excitable, chatty and adventurous, with a touch of
the profane thrown in for spice. Erin steadfastly refuses to even utter a mild oath, she’s rarely left New England, and she’s the paragon of respectful behavior. But the pair fall slowly and inexorably into love.

Falling in love is often the end of the story, but there are a myriad of complications in this small town that work against their living happily ever after.

Erin is challenged to do several things she hates: think of her own needs before those of others and disappoint people who rely on her. Katie has her work cut out for her, also, but her challenges are almost the inverse of Erin’s.

This tale is multi-layered and presents issues that aren’t solved with a roll in the hay—although rolling in the hay makes a lot of the trouble seem well worth it!





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Genre Romance
Publisher Brisk Press
ISBN 9780979925429e

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