by Susan X Meagher

Intentions is the ninth installment of the twenty six book serial novel I Found My Heart in San Francisco.

In this book, Jamie tries to acclimate to her changing relationship with her father, Jim. Despite his promise to honor and respect her and Ryan’s relationship, she has her doubts—both about his sincerity and his ability to follow through. It certainly seems that he’s trying, though, and that means the world to her.

Ryan’s even more suspicious of Jim, but she has good reason to be. She doesn’t have the same familial bond that Jamie has, and she’s seen a side of him that Jamie’s never personally faced.

Catherine has seen her husband at his worst, and years of apathy are starting to fade away, replaced with an anger she’s never expressed to Jim. She has
to contend with these unpleasant feelings while trying to maintain a civil atmosphere for Jamie’s sake. It proves to be harder than she would have guessed.

Meanwhile Jordan and Mia have been making sparks with their flirting and late-night make out sessions. The issue is whether Mia can be, or even wants to be, in a relationship with a woman. She can clearly play the game, but it’s not clear Jordan views this as a game. Still, their sparks could easily start a romantic flame.





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Genre Romance
Publisher Brisk Press
ISBN 9780979925474e

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