by Maytee Aspuro y Gonzalez

The second book in Maytee Aspuro y Gonzalez’s trilogy, Agape follows Elizabeth (Beth) Kelly and Nicole Thera as they begin a new life together facing not only the challenges of any new couple adjusting to differences in styles and ways of life-but of two people with some very deep-seeded philosophical differences. Beth’s faith impacts on all aspects of her life and is now both a source of joy and a source of anguish. The biggest challenge to her faith resides in her home in the form of a partner who simply cannot accept Beth’s god. Meanwhile, Nicole finds herself facing a crisis of her own as she starts to realize that she’s always going to have to share the woman she loves with a god she cannot honor. With the love between them the one undeniable truth in their lives, these two women will try to breach the gulf separating them. It’s a challenge that will require compromise, honesty, patience and above all else-faith in one another.





Genre General Lesbian Fiction
Length 278
Publisher Hillside Press
ISBN 9780981589510

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