Fear Less

by JD Glass

How do you write a sex scene when you’re really, really, in love? Like this…



Genre Short Story Single, Erotica
Publication Date February 26, 2018
Publisher Outlines Press
ISBN 9780983719854e

Customer Reviews

4 reviews for Fear Less – eBook

  1. virisab (verified owner)

    I’ve never read a book by JD Glass before and I’m bluffed, not only it’s very well written, but it’s very original and mostly very powerful and emotional. Bravo, and Bravo, thanks JD for this text….

  2. swmmusic (verified owner)

    In “Fear Less,” author J.D. Glass has found a way to define passion and pure love in such a way that it intrigues your senses, and grips your soul. Highly recommended.

  3. werewolfsinger

    Nicely written and full of emotion.
    However I wouldn’t really class it as an erotic short story. More like a stream of consciousness, an exploration of love and sex and how she and her partner feel about one another when they’re together.
    A sweet thing to read. Expressive use of language and an insight into the author.

  4. byharchives (verified owner)

    OMG. If you need a quick steamy read to get you out of stress mode and into grabbing your lover by the collar and kissing them senseless against the wall before ripping off their clothes then finding your way to the shower, the bed, the floor, whatever, this is it! This is the first I’ve read of JD Glass’s works, and she expresses exactly how I feel about my lover. But I swear, honey, I never touched JD Glass! She just read my mind – explicitly.

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