From Where We Sit

by Victoria A. Brownworth (ed)

In this exciting and innovative collection, established and emerging African-American writers present a range of compelling, beautifully written and provocative stories. One of America’s best-known African-American writers, Jewelle Gomez, author of the award-winning “The Gilda Stories,” offers a new twist on her historic Gilda series.Harlem-born Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, author of “Baby Remember My Name,” introduces a wholly new African-American female character. Filmmaker Lowell Boston, now an emerging writer, details the multi-faceted complexities of racism in America for young black men. Publisher Leslie Thompson, writing as Ann Shade, short-story stylist Craig L. Gidney, actress and novelist Ifalade Ta’ Shia Asanti, award-winning children’s book author Becky Birtha and award-winning novelist and short-story writer Fiona Lewis each explore what it means to be black in America today now as well as in America’s historic past addressing issues not only of race, but also of class, gender, sexual orientation and religion. Emerging writers Lisa R. Nelson, Misty Sol and Guillaume Stewart take on different aspects of urban life: Nelson details the impact of urban culture on a young girl who wants to escape her middle-class neighborhood; Stewart writes provocatively about missing fathers in black America and what happens to boys who must be men too soon; Sol explores the impact of gun violence and no-snitch rules. This exciting collection combines a wide-range of dynamic characters, divergent styles and compelling issues which will appeal to tweens, teens and adults alike.





Genre Young Adult, Anthology
Length 336
Publication Date February 1, 2011
Publisher Tiny Satchel Press
ISBN 9780984531837e
Editor Victoria A. Brownworth
Cover Designer Linda Kardos

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