Blood Hero

by T.J. Mindancer

Cutty Downes is quite content being a police chief in a village nestled next to a scenic state park. She gets to enjoy the surrounding national forest she’s explored since childhood in a job where the most excitement happens when someone falls off a bluff or gets lost in the forest.

Archivist Paula Reisling still pinches herself that she’s in the dream job she would have dreamed about if she had known it existed. As the Director of the Repository of Unusual and Unsolvable Crimes, she’s determined to solve at least one of these crimes.

Cutty’s and Paula’s worlds come together when Cutty finds a dead man with no trace of a weapon or an assailant in a cave full of electronics in the national forest. Together they embark on a twisting, mystical quest to solve this most recent of unusual and unsolvable crimes. Their only clues: a fragment from an ancient sword and a mysterious Irish woman who is a drummer in a famous rock and roll band.

​Delve into a world of Irish mysticism, warrior women, and age old traditions still very much alive in the twenty-first century.



Genre Fantasy
Length 182 pages
Publication Date August 1, 2023
Publisher Bedazzled Ink
ISBN 9780988606173e
Cover Designer Sapling Studio

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