Under Contract

by Jennifer L. Jordan

Denver’s hottest housing markets are on fire!

Lauren Vellequette, seasoned real estate agent and newbie private investigator, has her hands full with Dennis McBride, an arsonist’s target. The builder’s list of enemies stretches into double digits, and as Lauren attempts to rule out one suspect, two more emerge.

With the help—or is it hindrance?—of an inebriated homeless man, a lawsuit-happy mother, and a washed-up arson expert, Lauren struggles to find the truth. Before she can make progress, however, another house is in flames, and she’s become the arsonist’s next prey.

A separate case involving a wilding incident in Denver’s trendy LoDo district also demands Lauren’s attention. Her growing attraction to the client, sports bar owner Roxanne Archuletta, gives her added incentive to find out who’s causing all the trouble in LoDo.

Meanwhile, Lauren’s teenage assistant Sasha Fuller continues to amaze and annoy in equal parts, and Lauren’s friend and P.I. mentor Rollie Austin is starting to seem like the worst real estate client ever!

Under Contract is the second book in the Lauren Vellequette real-estate-themed mystery series, following Killed in Escrow.





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Genre Mystery
Length 260 pages
Publication Date May 1, 2016
Publisher Clover Valley Press
ISBN 9780997364316e
Cover Designer Stacie Smith-Whaley

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