Before She Left

by Alison R. Solomon

A missing girlfriend. Abandoned spouses. A detective who doesn’t want to investigate.

Ella Jay has vanished without a trace. Her passionate, strong-willed fiancée, Breezy Carmichael, is terrified that something sinister has happened to her. The detective assigned to the case thinks Breezy should accept she’s been dumped. But Breezy senses something strange going on. For no apparent reason, in this small town of Gulfport, Florida, where everyone knows everyone else’s business, husbands and wives are deserting their spouses. Could Ella’s disappearance be part of the same mystery?  When the detective makes a shocking discovery about Ella, Breezy must decide whether to listen to her head, which tells her to walk away, or to her mostly unreliable gut which tells her to keep searching. The decision she makes could be the difference between life and death.

The Gulfport Mystery Series Book 2.



Genre Mystery
Publication Date April 1, 2020
Publisher Wild Girl Press
ISBN 9780998440057e
Cover Designer Cindy Bamford

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