by Susan X Meagher

Piper Campbell has spent the last fifteen years of her life raising her younger sister. Charlie is now an adult—and on the brink of stardom. This isn’t the life Piper would have chosen for her, but she’s done her very best to give her little sister the proper perspective to keep her feet firmly planted in reality.

Haley Dillon could give Charlie an earful. When she was a young woman, she got involved with a fledgling actress and was quickly swept up into the maelstrom of her celebrity. Vowing to keep her distance from the spotlight, she finds herself once again enmeshed when Charlie’s world sucks her into its orbit.

Piper swears she can keep her, head even as she becomes part of Charlie’s retinue, but Haley has been burned too many times to believe the vows of people who haven’t yet experienced the seductive, entrancing power of Fame.



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Genre Romance
Length 454 pages
Publication Date June 1, 2017
Publisher Brisk Press
ISBN 9780998790701
Editor Lynda Sandoval
Cover Designer Carolyn Norman

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