The Keeper's Daughter

by Susan X Meagher

Sometimes you just have to get away.

Even the best job can slowly drain your battery. When Gillian Lindsay realizes it’s time for a recharge, she impetuously decides to visit Scotland.

Knowing nothing about the country, she schedules a tour of Edinburgh Castle for the day she arrives, just to get the lay of the land.

After spending the afternoon with Torie Gunn, her very able tour guide, Gillian proposes hiring her for a week-long trip across the country.

Torie’s astonished. Gillian has done no research, and has no plans, placidly asking Torie to come up with an itinerary. That seems like the ideal way to create an unsatisfied customer. But Gillian certainly seems like a very easygoing person, and earning a week’s pay merely talking sounds like a dream. Torie jumps in, hoping she can satisfy Gillian’s desires.

Over the course of their trip, other, more romantic desires spring to life. Will they be satisfied too?





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Genre Romance
Length 450 pages
Publication Date February 14, 2019
Publisher Brisk Press
ISBN 9780998790770e

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1 review for Keeper’s Daughter, The – eBook

  1. Lisa85603

    Another fantastic read from Ms. Meagher. I am constantly amazed by how each of her novels manages to grab my attention and whisk me away to the locations and settings with ease. In this novel Ms. Meagher gives us real women; women of substance with the problems and responsibilities that come with being an adult. Another book that I am sure to read again.

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