The Candidate Series Bundle

by Tracey Richardson

The Candidate– Presidential candidate Jane Kincaid—gorgeous, dynamic and extremely driven—is taking the country by storm, passionately outlining her blueprint for America. Voters quickly fall in love with her…and so, unwittingly, does Secret Service Agent Alexandria Warner.

The Campaign– Vice President Jane Kincaid is up for re-election alongside President Dennis Collins. On the eve of the party convention the scandal explodes on the front pages, gutting the viability of the Collins/Kincaid ticket. Everyone suspects dirty tricks and Alex undertakes an investigation—but any evidence she finds won’t change the fact that Jane is once again standing on the edge of history.

At Your Service, Madame President– Less than a year into her term, President Jane Kincaid has chosen her battle: gun control. With a Republican-controlled Senate opposing her, she’ll need all the leverage she can get. New novella.



Genre Romance
Publication Date December 15, 2008
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781236987541e
Cover Designer Judith Fellows


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Customer Reviews

1 review for Candidate Series Bundle, The – eBook

  1. Marilyn from Santa Cruz

    I chose to skip watching the third debate and finished reading The Campaign instead. It did my heart a world of good. Thank you Tracy Richardson and Bella!

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