Happy Campers

by Karen D. Badger

Left anxious and edgy by the events of the previous year, Billie and cat, along with their neighbors and best friends, Jed and Fred, take their families on a camping trip in the hope that time together in a relaxed and fun-filled environment will help heal the wounds in their relationship. Little do they know, the fates are conspiring against them as they face two weeks of hilarious and unfortunate happenstance that would test the patience of Job.

Will they emerge from this adventure with renewed commitment toward love and their lives together – or will the strain be too much to bear?

The Charland family returns in this hilarious third book of the Commitment Series as they venture on a vacation to remember.

Book three of the Commitment Series.






Genre Romance
Length 208 pages
Publication Date January 1, 2013
Publisher Badger Bliss Books
ISBN 9781501021855e
Cover Designer Ann Phillips

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