Unchained Memories

by Karen D. Badger

Cat O’Grady and Billie Charland return in this second book in the Billie/Cat Commitment Series.

When Cat receives an envelope in the mail from an anonymous sender, its contents disrupts the Charland household and sets off a chain of events that severely strains Billie’s and cat’s commitment to each other and to their family. Billie overreacts with uncharacteristic harshness, debilitating headaches, and occasional blackouts. Cat convinces her to have her father, Doc, search for possible physical causes. The search results are shocking and Cat is forced to make a decision that might ruin their lives together.

Will Billie blame Cat for the course she has decided on and choose to split their family apart? Or is their love strong enough to surmount these problems?

Book two of the Commitment Series.





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Genre Romance
Length 298 pages
Publication Date January 1, 2011
Publisher Badger Bliss Books
ISBN 9781501022784e
Cover Designer Ann Phillips

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