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Robbi McCoy Award Winning Bundle

by Robbi McCoy

Robbi McCoy’s award-winning novels in one bundle!

Waltzing at Midnight—Trying to fill the empty places left by children going to college, Jean Davis decides to get out of the house and volunteer in the local mayoral campaign. It soon becomes obvious—though not to Jean—that she has a major crush on the candidate, Rosie Monroe. Two decades of doing what was expected of her are abruptly turned upside down, and she realizes she may just be in love—for the first time in her life.

Something to Believe—When Lauren Keegan met Cassie Burkett on a Yangtze River cruise, they immediately clicked. The following year they’re reunited for a visit which ends with a spontaneous kiss that surprises them both. That one kiss destroys their friendship, sending them back to their lives heartsick and remorseful. Ten years later everything—and nothing—has changed. Challenged by the past and besieged in the present, the only thing going for them is the one thing they’ve denied all these years: love.

The Farmer’s Daughter—The open road is the only place that seems safe to Shirley “Mutt” Hopper. Escaping her Mississippi home, she joins the other wanderers, riding freight trains and working in fields and orchards across the United States. When she begs a night’s sleep in a Nebraska barn, she can’t imagine how completely the lovely farmer’s daughter, Annie Callahan, is about to change her life.



Genre Romance
Publication Date May 12, 2016
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781543213421e
Cover Designer Judith Fellows

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