Hard Road, Easy Riding: Lesbian Biker Erotica

by Sacchi Green & Rekelle Valencia (ed)

Take a ride-on the wild side with Hard Road, Easy Riding. Sex should be intense, joyful, and liberating–exactly as written in these edgy and uninhibited stories. While there are many anthologies of lesbian erotica available, none so far have focused on the interaction between the lifestyles and sexual adventures of lesbian bikers. Well, why the hell not? What’s sexier than a hot woman, clad in form-fitting leather, fiercely in control of the Iron Horse between her legs? The contributors to Hard Road, Easy Riding have transcended the experience of power between their thighs that responds to the caress of their fingers. On the road, brief encounters come with the territory.



Genre Erotica
Publisher Lethe Press
ISBN 9781590210680e

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