Shared Winds

by Kenna White

When an Oklahoma tornado rips through Lan Harding’s life, destroying her beloved marina Shared Winds, Lan must somehow find a way to rebuild her business and her world.

Lan’s hopes and dreams are perilously close to dissolving unless she can find a contractor to rebuild her business before a season without revenue forces her to close her doors forever. But with such widespread damage throughout the area, Lan’s frustration mounts as the lack of available contractors becomes apparent.

Then Emma Bishop, daughter of the most renowned contractor in the county, steps in to offer her services. The offer seems like an answer to Lan’s prayers until she learns of Emma’s inexperience and ulterior motives…

As the two women work closely together to rebuild the marina, each is caught unaware as something else begins to threaten their contractor-client relationship. Despite their best efforts, a smoldering caldron of emotion and desire begins to bubble up through the icy Oklahoma winter…





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Genre Romance
Length 216
Publication Date October 15, 2004
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930065e
Editor Anna Chinappi
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Lammy winner Kenna White blends humor, courage and perhaps a dose of stubborness into women we wish we knew!


Lambda Book Report

Sandra Barret - April, 2005: When Lan Harding's marina, Shared Winds, is destroyed by a fierce tornado, it is not only her livelihood that is at risk. Her life and dreams are interwoven with this marina, built on the shores of Grand Lake in Oklahoma. As she struggles to find a contractor to rebuild the crumbling remains of her business, it seems as if fate is working against her.

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