Turning the Tables

by Jessica Thomas

From ghosties and ghoulies and long leggity beasties…Something evil stalks Commercial Street on a festive Halloween night. Private investigator Alex Peres, however, has her mind focused on fun and perhaps romance. Only in the cold light of morning does word spread of a gay man’s murder. Worse yet, the guilty perpetrators could be one of their own.

…And things that go boomp in the night…Beset with her own worries, Alex trusts local law enforcement to investigate. They are, after all, the professionals. But when the detective-in-charge turns his attention to Alex’s friends, she agrees, reluctantly, to do a little poking around of her own. It doesn’t take her long to find more questions than answers.

…Mae the guid Lord protect us! Greed, passion, hatred, fear: which human failing explains the crime? Just as matters begin to make sense, a second killing in the night sends Alex spinning in unexpected directions. Her own topsy-turvy affairs don’t help. If she doesn’t think fast, she may not be able to save a third victim: herself.

Join Jessica Thomas for the second Provincetown adventure of Alex Peres and Fargo, the best partner four-legged partner a detective ever had.

Alex Peres Mystery Series Book 2.





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Genre Mystery
Length 228
Publication Date January 15, 2005
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930096e
Editor Karin Kallmaker
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • This is the second book in the Alex Peres mystery series, but these books can be read out of order with only minor spoilers.
  • No contest - Fargo is our favorite mystery dog.
  • Four out of six Alex Peres mysteries have been finalists for or won nationally recognized awards.
  • A true cozy - long on characters and puzzles, low on gore
  • Jessica Thomas has a unique style of wit and wordsmithing that makes her books a joy to read.

GCLS Goldie Awards

Turning the Tables - Finalist, Best Lesbian Mystery.


Just About Write

August, 2006: Thomas has penned an easy to be with, loveable gem in her Peres character. Whodunit, in the end, was fairly easy to spot, but the story is filled with such wit and style that it didn't really matter. When the bumbling police finally uncover the killer, the capture scene is hysterical in its portrayal of classic slapstick. Thomas describes it with such visual aplomb that the reader can't help but laugh, in spite of the serious nature of the crime. The scene is so true to the Alex Peres character that it stands out as a memorable part of the story. A good read with lots of humorous moments, Turning the Tables will leave the reader wanting more of Alex, her sidekick, Fargo, and her Provincetown friends.

Lambda Book Report

Arlene Germain - June, 2005: Jessica Thomas' second novel, Turning the Tables, offers another enjoyable glimpse into the life and times of thirty- something Alex Peres, the appealing private Investigator/nature photographer who resides in Provincetown, Mass.

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