Car Pool

by Karin Kallmaker

Ninety minutes, twice a day. Five days a week.

Car pool heaven turns into car pool hell when Anthea Rossignole realizes her lover is having an affair with the other woman sharing their daily commute. It seems that Anthea’s successful career as a cost analyst at an oil refinery is the only thing she can really count on these days. Now she’s looking for someone to share the long drive.

Shay Sumoto desperately needs a car pool. Though wildly overqualified, the environmental biologist takes a low-paying job testing well samples to keep body and soul together. The debt from her father’s terminal illness and the loss of the company she and her father owned have left her with no money, no time and no sense of humor.

When Shay and Anthea begin carpooling together, they find that first impressions of each other don’t bode well, and second impressions don’t improve their chemistry much. But when Shay uncovers alarming test results in her work — information that could cost both of them their jobs — Anthea is the only person she trusts for advice. Can two very different women find common ground?

It’s Never an Easy Commute on the Freeway of Love.





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Genre Romance
Length 256 pages
Publication Date May 15, 1993
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930133e
Editor Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • Set in Karin's beloved Bay Area.


Small Press Magazine

Car Pool is ... a delicious romance with just a hint of intrigue. An uncommonly realistic romance, one that surmounts class, race and closets.

Bay Area Reporter

Deborah Pfeiffer: A fine writer with a real gift for characterization and realistically humorous dialogue. Her erotic scenes are steamy and offer considerably more than mere narrative interruptus. She takes the most relentlessly heterosexist genre, the romance novel, and turns it on its head.

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