Just Like That

by Karin Kallmaker

Syrah Ardani tried independence—but the call of the Napa Valley hills and rolling vineyards of her family’s winery have brought her home again. She is content with her ordered world until she learns that her father’s feckless management has put Ardani Vineyards into receivership.

Corporate turnaround specialist Toni Blanchard’s arrival is preceded by tales of her slash-and-burn techniques. Determined to meet this soulless corporate raider head on, Syrah proudly prepares to do battle for her home and family business.

Toni has reason to retreat from a high-pressure Manhattan lifestyle, not the least of which is a bitter break up. She’s been told that Syrah Ardani is attractive and single, but Toni never mixes business and pleasure.

Creditors clamor for a quick sale and payment. The beautiful—and hostile—Syrah wants Toni off her land and out of her life.

Their clashes smolder with distrust and resentment, but also threaten to light a completely different kind of fire. Most dangerous of all is the one thing Toni can’t control—the way her heart reacts when Syrah looks at her…just like that.

Karin Kallmaker’s lesbian retelling of Pride and Prejudice pits first impressions against last chances in this lush wine country story.





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Genre Romance
Length 204 pages
Publication Date November 15, 2005
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930256e
Editor Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles


  • A very lesbian homage to Pride & Prejudice! Jane, Bingley, even Mrs. Bennett...
  • Set in the vineyards of Napa County. Enjoy this book with a lovely syrah.
  • Check out the follow-up story in Frosting on the Cake 2: Second Helpings!
  • Read the appetizer! Click to open a PDF in a new window.

GCLS Goldie Awards

Just Like That - Finalist, Best Lesbian Romance


The Lesbian Review
Just Like That…is the best kind of romance. It has lesbians, just enough angst and a delightful wit and writing style. This book is exactly why Kallmaker has been labeled the queen of lesbian romance.

Just About Write
December, 2005: After 17 romances, the reader knows how a Karin Kallmaker book will end, but it is so much fun getting there, and Just Like That is no exception... Time and again, Kallmaker has shown her expertise at portraying conflict and the accompanying trust issues that prevent her main characters from realizing what is in their hearts. We experience Toni's and Syrah's angst along with them. In Just Like That, the reader is treated to prose that is pure poetry. Kallmaker compares love to grapes growing into wine. She composes this beautifully and captures our hearts as well.

Midwest Book Review
Austen fans will recognize several familiar names in Just Like That. Bennett, Netherfield, Jane and Bingley are among the names and characters borrowed from Pride and Prejudice and some of the structure of the story is similar to Austen's. However, there should be no question in readers' minds but that Kallmaker has written a contemporary novel, with complex realistic characters set in an engaging region... She has given us a new look at prejudice and a different view of pride all painted with the dark purple of a fruity Shiraz.

Golden Threads
...Sparks have been created and things happen that were definitely not planned. A sweet romance for a rainy afternoon.

Family & Friends
Kallmaker has done it again with Just Like That. She has created a marvelous story of two head-strong women, Syrah Ardani and Toni Blanchard, whose fates are more braided together than grape wine, all set against the Napa Valley winery business. Her characters are so real, you can't help but picture them in your mind, and I often found myself actually hearing them speak in my head without any two sounding the same. That is the mark of a good writer and storyteller. From coming home to hostile corporate takeovers, Just Like That will have you turning pages faster and faster. And, don't be surprised if you find yourself in California...just like that.

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