Whispers in the Wind

by Frankie J. Jones

Athletic photographer Dixon Hayes thinks she and her best friend, high school teacher Elizabeth Colter, would make the perfect couple. There’s just one little problem—Elizabeth is only interested in sharing a friendship and nothing more.

When events occur on a hiking trip that changes the course of their lives forever, will Dixon be able to find the happiness that she’s wishing for—with or without Elizabeth…

First Published by Naiad Press 1999



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Genre Romance
Length 172
Publication Date August 15, 2005
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930379
Editor Lila Empson
Cover Designer Sandy Knowles



Lambda Book Report

Judith Stelboum - May, 1999: Whispers in the Wind ties together science fiction and romance with the themes of time travel and unrequited love. The brief descriptions of nineteenth century home life in Texas are well done and an interesting contrast to Dixon's twentieth century world. This book...is a welcome diversion to read!

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