Passionate Kisses

by Megan Carter

Sara Stockton, Taylor Jenkins, and James Edwards have been best friends since pre-school. Their strong bond earned them the nickname of the Three Musketeers.

When Taylor turned fourteen and announced she was gay, James and Sara stood by her. When James and Sara began dating, Taylor hid her love for Sara and moved on with her life.

Now, fourteen years later, Sara and James are about to be married and Taylor is trying to deal with the upcoming wedding by rushing into a new relationship.

As Sara and James begin to face the truth about their relationship, Sara begins to realize who her love interest really is.

Will Sara and Taylor hide their feelings for each other to protect their friendship or will they realize they can’t run from love?



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Genre Romance
Length 230
Publication Date February 15, 2006
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930515
Editor Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer Linda Callaghan


  • The sweeter, softer side of Frankie Jones, with sympathetic, believable characters.
  • "Megan" is often inspired by music in her writing.


Just About Write
November, 2007: Carter weaves an interesting subplot into the story, centered on a ranch owned by two older lesbians, life partners and wonderful role models for the younger women in the story. A tale of the Old West involving the ranch has twists and turns, with rumors of buried treasure and people who are quite different from conventional history. In the end, it falls to Sara to find a way to protect the women and their land from the exploits of gold-diggers while juggling the turmoil in her own life.

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