by Terri Breneman

Attorney Toni Barston has been assigned to prosecute a serial killer—one who has already confessed to the crimes and agreed to plead guilty in exchange for life without parole. But then a mistake at the city jail allows the killer to walk free, and soon the killing of prominent women in the community begins again.

After the brutal murder of someone closely involved in the case, Toni’s supervisor assigns a new female investigator from their office to protect her.

Soon both women are struggling to remain professional as the search for the killer intensifies. Will the killer be caught before Toni becomes his next target?

Toni Barston Legal Series Book 1.





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Genre Romance, Mystery
Length 248 pages
Publication Date April 15, 2006
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930553e
Editor Christi Cassidy
Cover Designer Stephanie Solomon-Lopez


  • This is book 1 of the Toni Barston Legal Series. This series is a two-time finalist for Goldie awards in Lesbian Mystery.
  • Terri Breneman draws on her background as a psychotherapist specializing in borderline personality disorders to create accurate characterizations.
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The Lesbian Review
…is a thriller with a surprisingly charming romantic subplot. I loved how Breneman slowly built up the tension in the plot. The book starts out with everything as it should be leaving the narrative to concentrate on the initial attraction between Boggs and Toni. Once we realize that the killer is planning his next murder, Breneman amps up the tension little by little until the strain is palpable. Breneman throws out enough red herrings that I ping-ponged all over the place thinking I knew the killer’s identity. There were times that it seemed so obvious, but then another clue would get thrown into the mix and it was back to step one for me. This is one of my favorite things about this genre. Even when I wasn’t actively reading, I found myself trying to arrange and make sense of the clues. I absolutely flew though this book. For me it’s the perfect balance of a thriller and a romance. Boggs and Toni are both completely relatable because the crimes have them just as on edge as I was while I was reading.

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