Writing My Love

by Claire McNab

Vonny Smith, otherwise known as Veronica Vanderveer, is the author of best-selling romance novels. Her last book, Torrid Hearts, not only won a Lammy but also garnered some of the best reviews of her career.

Diana K Broswell, Vonny’s editor, is unaware she is the motivation behind the best-selling romances. Vonny is extremely behind schedule on her next already under contract novel because she has been planning her strategy to win Diana’s love. She believes she will be able to woo Diana through her writing. Vonny can’t help but hope Diana will slide into love with her before she is aware what is happening.

An audacious, tongue-in-cheek novel-in-progress tucked within a deliciously fraught lesbian romance—only Claire McNab could pull off such an entertaining feat. – Katherine V. Forrest





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Genre Romance
Length 192
Publication Date October 15, 2006
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930638e
Editor Anna Chinappi
Cover Designer LA Callaghan


  • Claire's sense of humor shines throughout this romantic story of hope that words will make all the difference.
  • By the same author as the Denise Cleever and Inspector Carol Ashton mysteries
  • Claire McNab is a nine-time finalist for a Lambda Literary Award and author of over 50 novels.
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Just About Write
September, 2007: Claire McNab has given us a tongue-in-cheek story about a novelist writing a story in order to give subliminal messages to an editor that the writer has fallen in love with her, hoping that the editor will reciprocate. ...A great read for the beach or for in front of a cozy fall fire. Writing My Love is a delightful, easy story to while away a summer afternoon.

December, 2006: McNab is showing the maturity of someone who has published many books and realizes she doesn't have to take herself or her craft so seriously. That doesn't mean that she's lazy at her craft, far from it. Her use of scenes and characters shows that she knows what she is doing. The fact that she feels comfortable in poking fun at the best-selling genre in any type of fiction demonstrates the confidence she feels as a writer. It's also just a good romp.

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