by KG MacGregor

The days are long and lonely for Louise Stevens, whose retirement dreams were shattered by the sudden loss of her partner. All of that changes when she meets Marty Beck, a flirtatious, fun-loving, and infuriating golf pro who pushes her buttons—including one button she thought didn’t work anymore.

Marty is intrigued by the pretty Louise, a newcomer to the Pine Island Golf Club with a beautiful swing, but a disposition that needs work. Certain they can eventually be friends, she’s stymied when her good-humored overtures are rejected.

Love can come along at any time, even in the golden years, and even for two women who don’t expect it at all. Though a shaky start nearly dooms their romance, something tells Marty and Lou that this one might be worth a Mulligan.





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Genre Romance
Length 278
Publication Date January 1, 2005
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930706e
Editor Cindy Cresap
Cover Designer Stephanie Solomon-Lopez


  • In golf, a do-over is a "mulligan."
  • KG MacGregor is a multiple Lammy and Goldie winner.


Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly
This story is refreshing in its portrayal of vital older women, still capable of living and loving. A welcome change from coming of age stories, baby boomer women will see a lot of their own lives in Louise and Marty's story—even if they don't play golf. MacGregor takes us on a journey which skillfully swings back and forth between the current story and the main character's flashbacks, in a way that is reminiscent of a masterful golf swing.

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  1. Kathleen (verified owner)

    Mulligan is a wonderful story…from the heartbreaking first pages to the sweet journey of finding love as older women. Loved it!!! Witty, honest, and real, I couldn’t put it down. Louise and Marty are the friends we all want to find in our golden years.

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