Stake Through the Heart

by Johnson, Kallmaker, Szymanski, Watts

Please note that these “scratch & dent” copies are considered “shelf-worn.”  They may be scratched or yellowed or discolored. They may have a bent cover or pages, or they may just be old. But the story inside is still perfect!

The playful quartet that penned the acclaimed Once Upon A Dyke are dimming the lights for journeys into worlds of breathless seduction.

Haunted castles and lost ingenues, shadows hungry for life, immortal beings of power claiming their captive souls—everything is possible when the sun goes down.

Curl up for seductive, skin-tingling novellas, perfect for bed time. Don’t worry—the flutter at the window is only the curtain in the breeze…



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Genre Erotica, Anthology
Publication Date February 15, 2007
Publisher Bella Books
ISBN 9781594930713z

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